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Uncle Sickey

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"Oh… Hi there… This is an interesting site… Want me to take a little look inside for you? I suppose I could peek between my fingers for you… blushes Just hold on to me cause you never know what we'll find here… Oh… You want to hold me there…? I suppose its all right… Your hand does feel good there...

There are many stories and other delights waiting for you on this tantalizing erotica site. A young woman goes on a tour of Africa but finds herself sold to an African king. He pays a high price for her luscious young body to be his sex slave. She fears him at first in all of his buff body and huge male thingy. Her virgin privates stretch to accommodate his rock hard male part bringing her great pleasure. shivers This is sort of hot… Don't you think so? In time she fears him no more. He trains her to serve his deepest desires.

In other stories, she finds herself captured by an alien with hot desire in the creature. He begins to explore her ripe body using a large metal vibrator. She tries to grind her stiff clittie against the metal monster but is held tight in the bounds the alien has placed her in. She's at his mercy as he desires to 'test' her softness some more. He uses her hard, bringing groans of delight from the young woman. She finds herself the sex slave of an alien with no desire but to submit. There are other stories to tease your viewing pleasure. In these interracial stories and artwork, watch thick black manhoods making white women scream in intense pleasure with a side of aliens to give a twist. Oh… I think its time for me to go… I enjoyed showing you inside this hot site… I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


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